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Don’t underestimate flooring

At home I always walk around barefoot whatever the time of year, much to the dismay (even now!) of my mum, therefore for me how a floor feels underfoot is especially important.

Flooring is also possibly one of the largest areas in a room that can make an impact. It may not be the first thing that we notice when walking into a room as we tend to initially view at eye level, however it should not be overlooked or underestimated, it is a key element in the feel and finish of a room, and is likely to change less than our wall colours!

Options are endless and many! Which floor covering to use will naturally also depend on how you live in a particular room. 

My favourite materials when considering flooring are; solid wood – parquet is my weakness (reclaimed wherever possible) from a simple oak herringbone to a beautifully decorative Versailles, the wood will offer warmth to the room; timeless marble – Bianco Carrara and Bianco Venatino are my preference, polished or honed, each add their own different unique qualities, as well as offering an elegant and luxurious finish; and of course, encaustic tiles, namely original Minton tiles in blue, white and black, a reminder to me of the inventive, local, craftsmanship of the Victorian era.

Throughout my personal renovation projects I have used both reclaimed parquet and marble in abundance, I love the beauty of natural materials and the character that they can offer to a room! I have been fortunate to own two homes with original Minton tiled floors, one here in Uttoxeter, a geometric pattern in blue, white and black, which required renovation after a gas pipe had been laid at some point under a cement channel, stretching the entire width of the hallway! The other was in Cambridgeshire, a simple black and white chequer design, which was in good condition, only requiring a clean and a little TLC!

The appeal of natural materials provide not only a beautiful finish but also offer exceptional functionality and durability, however they can be cool underfoot during the winter seasons, especially if the floor is original to the property and does not benefit from modern day under floor heating! In this case I tend to keep a few rugs to hand to lay over during the colder months, this also gives your room an instant refresh! Likewise, when you roll them away during the warmer months. 

Which leads us on to rugs! Where at all possible I prefer to support our industry here at home. 

Crucial Trading offer a range of inspiring rugs, along with a bespoke service, all made from natural materials. 

A personal favourite brand of mine is Romo, established in 1902 by Robert Mould, this fifth-generation, family run business offer design-led rugs from their ranges; Romo, Villa Nova and Villa Nova Picture Book (designed with children’s rooms in mind). Their amazing collection of rugs are also complimented by their inspiring and indulgent fabric collections

When it came to deciding on flooring for the showroom, as there was no existing original or historic floor, the choice was obvious, a beautiful solid oak herringbone parquet with a walnut inlay for the ground floor. Upstairs we were lucky enough to discover original floorboards under a well-worn carpet, needless to say this was disposed of revealing the floorboards, which are protected by a selection of Romo rugs.