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My passion for interiors

All in the detail

passionately believe that when planning a room concept no detail is too small, it is without a doubt the finer detail that makes the difference between a great room and a showstopper! I am a firm believer in less is definitely more. It is the understated, quietly confident ambience of a refined room that exudes luxury and elegance.

For me, it is not about keeping up with the latest trend, it is about choosing timeless pieces that represent the finest design, quality and craftmanship. By choosing key pieces that will last a ‘lifetime’ I know that I am also making a conscious contribution in terms of sustainability. 

You may well be thinking, what do I mean by detail. I am talking not only about light fittings and light switches, but also wall sockets, window furniture, door handles, finger plates, door hinges, locks, bolts, escutcheons, door strips, ventilation grilles, espagnolettes, curtain poles, curtain linings, fragrance, sculpture, and the list goes on! 

I find that detail works best in a combination of finishes, textures and colours that all compliment and enhance each other. It does not need to match, nor everything be the same, it does however, need to be undertaken with thought!

The ‘detail’ that I most enjoy sourcing is architectural hardware, followed closely by lighting! I love the textures and finishes, my favourites of which include smoked bronze, a stunning finish that when used over time offers a burnished style finish allowing the brass base to emerge. This looks amazing as a door handle/pull or on a light switch teamed with a brass toggle.  

I also love beeswax and aged/burnished bronze, especially if you are looking for a finish that is pre-aged. It offers more warmth than a plain black finish, however it is worth remembering that some beeswax finishes can only be used inside. Also beeswax generally tends to be applied to an iron/ steel base, whereas aged bronze is solid therefore making certain items feel more robust. Beeswax is my choice of finish for a wrought iron curtain pole and holdbacks.

Then, of course there is that timeless classic, brass. Whether polished, aged, antique, brushed or satin choosing the correct finish for a particular piece makes all the difference. Brass also makes a beautiful accent to many other finishes as well and provides relief to a darker base. I’m thinking here of a stunning column lamp that I have at home, which is broken up in alternate sections of brushed brass and matt black. It has a timeless appeal and enhances many different schemes so easily moves from room to room with a change of lampshade!

In our showroom we have chosen to stock and display a wide range of hardware pieces designed and manufactured in the UK by From the Anvil, offering timeless classics with a contemporary twist, whilst combining style with functionality.

For the showroom itself we have chosen to install smoked bronze sockets and light switches with brass toggles, plus a range of beautiful lighting, all from Buster + Punch. You will also find several amazing display cases presenting their ranges of architectural hardware, electricity, lighting options and accessories, their commitment to making extraordinary items for everyday use is obvious.