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My passion for interiors

Perfectly Pure Paint!

I love colour, its ability to change the feel of a room or brighten our mood, it can instantly transform an overlooked space into a tranquil haven.

Colour palette options are endless, creating a whole variety of atmospheres, from vibrant and evocative, warm and uplifting, to serene and tranquil.

One of my personal colours of choice is green, I’m talking a delicate, soft green not lime! Across a spectrum of shades it has a calming effect and the ability to bring harmony to a room. It is also a great enabler bringing the outside indoors, it can seamlessly link a relaxing indoor seating area to an outdoor entertaining space.

Possibly one of the most difficult decisions is which brand to choose! For me, one brand links the beauty of colour, my ethos of sustainability and my passion for period properties; Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. It is exactly as it says on the tin ‘natural’, it is “colour with a conscience, protective and pure”. 

I first discovered this paint in 2016 when I was renovating our period Cambridgeshire townhouse. I wanted to use a paint that would care equally for our family and home, as much as I did, whilst respecting the age and historic properties of the building. 

After many hours of research I came across the answer, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. I was instantly intrigued. Beautiful colours made with natural pigments from sustainable sources,  using all natural ingredients that offer protection for our health, homes and planet. With its natural qualities the paint allows the building (and its occupants!) to breathe. In addition, there is no paint odour and it’s completely plastic free!

It has been a revelation and my paint of choice ever since!

Therefore, it goes without saying that when decorating our showroom we have painted top to bottom in a variety of beautiful hues from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint; Navy Blue, Deep Brunswick Green, Pearl Colour, Flaxen Grey and Tyrian to name just a few.

We also have the full colour range of sample pots, including their fabulous ‘little people, nursery paint’, hand painted fan decks and A5 colour boxes, all available to buy in store.

We would love you to pop in and see for yourself! 

Finally, it was a privilege to show both Edward and Emma Bulmer around the showroom earlier this year, they are both as passionate about the ethos of their paint in real life, as in their literature. A real honour and a pleasure!